​​Plant Science Laboratories, LLC.

processing facility

laboratory support services

Our in house laboratory provides support services for production operation monitoring and performs continuous monitoring of all production processes.  Additional third party laboratories are utilized for specialized analysis and all outside samples are processed with Chain of Custody documentation and secure packaging and mailing systems for proper sample control.  Additional sample management and secure sample mailing services are also available for promotional product samples.

contract manufacturing services

All of our contract manufacturing services are performed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 111 manufacturing guidelines.  Our production floor employees are extensively trained in nutritional GMP requirements and our QA staff provides documentation and record keeping support as required by Federal regulations.  This includes publishing of a Master Manufacturing Record for all production items and a Job Traveler Production Record for each batch produced at our facility.  All batch records are supplied to our clients at the completion of each production run, and a Certificate of Analysis issued.


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Agriculture and Agronomy

Our extensive supplier network and agricultural experience can provide sources for your raw material needs including development of long term agricultural based supply chains.

Custom Product Development Services

Our staff has over 25 years of production experience and have designed a wide variety of food and nutritional powders for use in all types of nutritional delivery and functional food systems.  We have the in house ability to design and pilot your product and move it into full scale production.