We practice Ubuntu in all of our affairs and encourage community wide and world scale consideration of all of humanity in our endeavors.  We have restored an abandoned building on the east side of Buffalo, NY for use as our production facility and encourage all forms of re-use and restoration to strength our communities.

We expect to receive our Organic Certification by the end of Summer 2018 and strive to process organic sustainably grown, and locally grown produce and support all small business and co-operatives.  We maintain a large organic garden and green space on site and all employees are provided with year round access and outdoor cooking facilities.

Our facility is 100% GMO free and we will not process GMO items in our facilities.  We encourage Good Agricultural Practices that are non-GMO based and practice soil conservation techniques.

We are installing a large capacity solar energy power system on our rooftop of our production facility in summer 2018.  This installation will provide approximately 80% of our operational energy needs.

We support and encourage Fair Trade and Employment practices for all of our suppliers and customers including living wage employment practices, non-discriminatory employment, employee wide health insurance programs, continuing education programs, work/life management practices, disability, and retirement support.

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We operate our production facility in accordance with all GMP requirements and provide our employees with regular and refresher training courses.  We also operate an ergonomically designed facility where 90% of our floor area has natural sun lighting.  We provide a safe, healthy, and sound work environment that allows for a high level of employee work flexibility.


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