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 Plant Science Laboratories, LLC. specializes  in providing dehydration and milling contract manufacturing services for the Food and Nutrition industry.

Our Drum Drying and Milling platforms are capable of delivering up to 2000 Kg/day of finished powder suitable for use in all types of nutritional delivery systems including capsules, tablets, drink mixes, energy bars, functional foods and soups.

We have experience in performing dehydration work on fruits, vegetables, herbs, proteins, extracts, concentrates, fibers, legumes, grasses and flowers.  We have in house capability to assess your project and define the necessary operable parameters for a successful dehydration approach to meet your project specifications.

We provide exceptional service for project developments, short production runs and high value nutritional items.


​​Plant Science Laboratories, LLC.

Dedicated 21 CFR Part 111 Manufacturing Environment

In House QA/QC Laboratory

Highly Trained Permanent Professional Staff

Fully Upgraded Manufacturing Facility

In Depth Understanding of Agriculture and Agronomy

Extensive Knowledge of Nutritional Raw Material Industry


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